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LinkedIn’s testing paid events: What does it mean?

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These last couple of years, with Covid-19 changing our lives, the interaction among people was limited and reshaped with a screen in-between. That affected all aspects of our lives, personally and professionally, were changed forever, or at least modified in considerable elements. At work, our meetings shifted to Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and many more platforms that benefited from our necessity to talk to another human being while in lockdown. 


How we communicate was transformed, and so was our learning process. If you used to attend business events or were in a learning process, Covid took a big chunk of your plans with it. The Masterclasses we wanted to participate in, lectures, and conferences that we usually use to benefit our career were shut down and moved until further notice or announced the new virtual way of receiving them. No more waiting lines and small talk with colleagues, only a link and a time; in a way, learning has never been this easy or accessible.


Is this the new normal? I bet you are tired of that question, but after almost two years of on and off lockdowns and security health norms, the answer is yes. And let’s be honest, do you want to go back to those long lectures? Instead, you can have those long lectures displayed on your tv or computer while you are in a comfortable outfit and comfortable spot, plus probably your snack won’t bother anyone. 


Platforms and businesses know that, know that you just agree with us, and they want to make virtual learning and growth stronger, better, and more substantial than ever. 

And, just like this idea, LinkedIn is growing within the minute, and it announced (none officially) that it is opening a space for paid transmission events for businesses.  


LinkedIn is pushing to produce more original content and engagement to the platform, but that’s not all. They are making a great effort to keep up with the growth they’ve had. They want to continue improving the activity on the site. TechCrunch learned about LinkedIn’s plans of running a test around events.


LinkedIn has since confirmed the test, but an official source explained to TechCrunch:


“Amid the changing world of work and transition to a nearly all-remote workforce, LinkedIn Events has seen a surge in growth, with 21 million people attending an Event on LinkedIn in 2020,” said Nicole Leverich, LinkedIn spokesperson. “We continue to learn from member and customer feedback and test new ways to improve the experience. As part of this, we are exploring options for payment in the Events product based on feedback from event organizers.”


LinkedIn announced its investment in Hopin. The company is seeking to improve the content around video and audio services. They are likely working to secure into the events service.


Hopin is “An all-in-one event management platform that does planning, producing, and reliving event experiences easier than ever.” Hopin was last valued at $7.75 billion in its most recent funding round.


They announced it back in June of this year, yet they haven’t disclosed if they will be involved in this LinkedIn possible plans.


LinkedIn made its Events option available for all company pages in late July early September this year. And now, this potential LinkedIn project is looking to add more capacity for hosting professional events.


LinkedIn started diving into the events stream by adding the Live option, a great advantage for businesses and professionals, enabling the complete broadcast possibility for better, stronger virtual functions directly on the platform.


The online conferences era. Is it here to stay?

Some months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we started formalizing that virtual events scenarios were here to stay. LinkedIn has been working around events for a while now. 


They started with Events Hub that debuted in 2019, sadly just days before the pandemic was official, and hasn’t had the promotion and activity it officially was planned. 


The event test, on the other hand, is still investigating. The approach is under review. The details must be smooth before the actual launch, including how much could be received from companies being hosts.


Also, LinkedIn’s addition will add a monetization impact to an already increasing creator-influenced platform. Just like all social platforms, with digital creators now becoming an industry of their own, LinkedIn’s searching for new ways to attract the best talent is the correct move to proceed forward in this industry.


Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are testing this type of ticketed events, so, with the professional focus of LinkedIn and tending into that trade show audience that’s prepared to spend on professional development.


Advantages of online conferences & classes 


For you: You can learn whatever you want wherever you want to!


You have webinars, masterclasses, TedTalks, various courses, and streams. In the last years, the options have grown exponentially, and so has its popularity. To achieve all the professional goals and dreams is easier than ever, and even better, it comes in the comfort of your house, or co-work spaces, even a coffee shop where you are traveling. 


Self-paced is one of the fantastic benefits this new way of learning has brought. As the name might tip-off, self-paced learning means that the learners can start achieving the targets at any time of the course in progress and arrange a learning schedule that meets their individual needs.


With online education today, you can take any traditional four-year university program and follow through entirely remotely. Great platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and many more offer these impressive, world-class university courses that will look great on a resume.


It doesn’t matter where you stand in your career right now; an online program of this kind always looks great on a resume because it shows potential, commitment, and an exceptional drive to obtain more knowledge and acquire new skills that many don’t have. 

For your business:  Since the flexibility of not being restricted to a specific location has been defined, the cities or even countries your audience is based on can attend, saving the need to bring in extra cost and effort on the placement and transport of attendees to a focal location. For example, a webinar can reach the UK, Japan, and the United States simultaneously all in one viewing. Also, conference venues are physically limited by a seating capacity when these platforms allow an almost limitless capability.


The total cost of administering a webinar is much lower than hosting a traditional conference because it is not the only capacity of sale spaces; it is the venue hire, catering, conference materials, labor for the venue set up, and employees to run the show. 


For a much more effective and less stressful option, a webinar can be recorded as part of the broadcast, allowing people to get ready for the session with previous notice, plus on their personal chosen schedule. Plus, it is intended to be viewed on-screen; spectators of the webinar are invited to record the experience as a live viewer, which is not the case for an attendee of a live presentation.

LinkedIn Growth

Like several platforms, with this virtual boost and online content intake, creators are turning into a business of their very own. LinkedIn is searching and trying new techniques to attract the most creative, innovative, and skilled professionals to add engagement via Webhosting as a known platform for exposure and connections.


The platform added a Writer Mode, or Creator Mode, to impulse creators to show off their craft better. It also introduced its new $25 million Writer Accelerator program to help creators build their target market and magnify their voice.


LinkedIn builds the future for individual professionals or CEOs to be filled with advantages for exposure, networking and being highly profitable.


According to LinkedIn announcements, 21 million attended digital events hosted on its platform in 2020, which only projects to the future an excellent outcome for the testing results.


At DNAMIC, we look to be part of the evolution of technology, and we believe in LinkedIn as a platform and as a development platform. 


The results that we can see for our clients and us can be effective since knowledge, sharable experiences for the expansion and enhancement of businesses and professionals is the kind of market community that will make a healthy, helpful competition.


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