March 8, 2023 –

Why Outsourcing fails, and how to do it right?

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In the latest episode of Zero to CEO received me, CEO Arturo Garcia, to discuss the challenges of Outsourcing and how to do it right!

In the podcast, host Jason challenged me with questions about global economic changes and how they have impacted the outsourcing landscape. What drives businesses to outsource, what is specialized talent, and why is it harder to find than you might think!?

What are some difficulties
when it comes to Outsourcing?

In the outsourcing world, there are many things that companies should be cautious of to ensure a successful partnership. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not properly vetting the companies they’re working with. This includes not going through the right due diligence process and assuming that going with a big name guarantees success. 

Additionally, companies should avoid going after the cheapest rate. As the saying goes, “you pay for what you get.” Paying cheap often leads to cheap work and can be the most expensive option in the long run!

To avoid these pitfalls, companies should prioritize good communication and legal accountability and carefully evaluate potential partners before entering a contract.

The journey to find excellent talent
when nearshoring

Many things are happening around the globe. If you look at the world’s major economies, they all face many challenges. 

I explained to Jason that since COVID, many things have changed. Not only in terms of people outsourcing their work but how they do it. With much more people working from home, we have to change our strategies and techniques for remote collaboration. Despite the news about layoffs and economic downturns, the demand for IT services continues to grow – quality assurance, digital production services, software development, etc.

Statistics show that 55% of companies had difficulties finding the right talent in 2019,
which increased to 75% in 2020.

Communication, expertise, and industry knowledge are essential for a successful outsourcing project. But is there something that tells apart mediocre from subpar talent?

I like to think about that question in another way. And here’s why…not because someone’s failing at a specific project, it means that they are, you know, bad talent. Like we’ve seen many big-name companies fail at delivering their products just because they didn’t have basic bases like good communication.

What other questions could you expect to hear in the podcast?

How can businesses ensure they get the right team or partner to help them make their dream come true on that budget but with a good result?

How to use the latest technology trends to achieve success?


Overall, in the podcast, I provide valuable insights into my many years working in the industry, how businesses can face some obstacles of Outsourcing, and how to overcome them!

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