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Our talent pool & recruiting method help you fill your open positions much easier and faster with high-skilled candidates.

Front End Web Developers code user-side programs, such as visual elements. Their tasks include optimizing websites for different devices and running tests to ensure code strings work correctly.

Back-end developers write, code, and improve the server, server-side applications, and databases that create a functional, smooth user experience when combined with front-end codes.

A full-stack developer is a software engineer that can code both the front-end and back-end for a project. Their main responsibilities include designing user interactions, functionality, and coding for multiple platforms.

The role of the mobile developer is to create user-friendly applications. They develop functional apps collaborating with internal teams, but their input is valuable through all stages, from design to release.

Web designers are in charge of the site’s aesthetics and technological aspects, such as performance and how much traffic it can handle.

Web designers are in charge of the site’s aesthetics and technological aspects, such as performance and how much traffic it can handle.

A software architect is key to creating a seamless software experience for customers. Its role is to lead and direct the innovation and development of software and system features.

An Information Developer is responsible for writing hardware and software documentation, including manuals, design specifications, project and testing plans, and correspondence.

A Technical Support Engineer works with different systems, software, and hardware. They follow standard procedures to escalate pending issues by analysis, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and finally resolving accordingly to its previous process.

As a manual QA tester, you’ll be in charge of performing manual testing on new software throughout the pre-and post-release stages of the development lifecycle.

Automation testing engineers create and build programs that perform automated tests on new and existing software.

Product designers are responsible for the design process of a product, which includes brainstorming solutions to present problems. They are intermediaries between designers, engineers, and researchers while gathering input from stakeholders for an outcome.

A business analyst’s role is to serve as the main interface between customers and project managers, gathering information, documenting procedures, and checking final documents with the users.

Scrum Master’s role is to manage timelines, resolve problems, coach team members on Agile methodologies, orchestrate and lead through a process. They are critical to the development thanks to their thorough knowledge.

Benefits of outsourcing with us​

Ideal time zone for business in America

3 hours flight from Houston, Miami & others

High proficiency English

American influence and cultural affinity


Staff Augmentation Method

Our recruitment methods are proven to deliver a perfect match for your brand, project and target audience.

We employ experts from a wide array of technological backgrounds and skills, so we’ll assemble an engineering team that delivers real value – no matter how complex your project requirements are.


We also have a defined growth and cross-skill learning model that allows our contributors to stay motivated and up to date with the latest in technology and other fields of interest.

Reduce resource cost

We will help you scale quickly to meet your objectives, taking care of the daily management of the team and the assignment of tasks. Save on internal resources and pay a simple monthly invoice, when you need additional assistance.

Get your product to market faster

We provide best-fit resources (staff, facilities and technology); Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) setup; Quality Assurance strategy; team/project management and guidance. We also offer efficiency-boosting scope decomposition, helping you reduce your time-to-market.

Focus on your core business

Whatever stage you’re at in your SDLC, we’ll pick up your requirements and handle even the most complex software development needs. So you can spend more valuable time developing your core business.


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