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How to improve your company’s work culture

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What a good and healthy work culture in your company can do for your success.

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According to the business insider online magazine, over 4 million people quit their jobs in the last year in the United States, making it a record in the previous 20 years. Adding to the already labor crisis worldwide, this magazine calculated 9.4 million people without a job or looking for one with their analysis.


But why are people quitting their job in the middle of a pandemic where you would think jobs are one of the things you should hold on to? The mindset has changed.


When the pandemic was in full effect, people started realizing how fragile lives are and how much we have to take care of ourselves, not only physically but mentally. And jobs are a significant part of them, and what they mean and how they affect our lives have changed too.


There’s where work culture comes in. It was crucial before working from home. Now it’s much more critical. And as a business person and leader, having a positive and influential work culture is vital.

What is work culture?

Company culture is by definition a set of shared values, purposes, attitudes, and methods that define a business. It’s how people feel about their work and where they see themselves in the company, future, and present. Collectively, these characteristics represent the personality of the company.


A culture naturally forms within the business values, mission, vision, goals, and, of course, the people. A positive culture can’t be faked, it has to be created, and that starts with the company’s base, which means the hierarchy on which it is constructed.


First, the company’s spirit comes through if the person in charge believes in it. The core values have to be the foundation of everything that the company does.

What makes a healthy work culture?

Having a good culture is like having good health. If you see your business as a body, computer, or machine, you have to keep it clean and healthy for it to work impeccably. But to do so, just as the examples just mentioned, there are a few habits you have to establish so this health is not only acquired but maintained.


Prioritize respect.

The values that the company keeps are going to be vital for a good, balanced culture. If everyone respects each other and their work, there will be a peaceful environment that will allow for better communication and efficiency.


Don’t forget to establish a zero-tolerance policy against hate, disrespect, discrimination, and anything that goes against the company’s values.


Advocate for diversity and inclusion.

This goes hand in hand with respect as a priority because if the team feels protected and safe, the rate of quitting or lacking their tasks is lower. If people feel like they belong in the company, it will make them believe in the goals that this one has. Also, they will find the motivation to work every day.


Be flexible and transparent.

Like in any other social interaction, secrets and lies are inevitably going to be poisonous. If the policy is closed, the teams will react to the lack of communication and trust.


Have a welcoming personality allowing humor and casual conversation.

This recommendation speaks for itself. Allowing communication comes hand in hand with respect and an open-door policy. The environment will always be light and welcoming, helping grow the relationship between coworkers and the company itself.


Set clear goals.

Applies for individual teams and the company itself. To set general goals, it is recommended to have monthly or periodic meetings where everyone can see the progress and be in the loop of what the business wants to achieve in the future.


Ask for employee feedback and use it.

What better way to know what’s going on with the teams and how to improve from the people inside of them. Providing constructive communication and your business will continuously thrive.

Set an employee recognition program.

Creating monthly meetings to strengthen the relationship with your employees and keep the goals and projects clear is a great way to show appreciation and incentivize the teams.

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Cultivate your culture with purpose and passion and see it flourish with your business.

What is not a good work culture?

Your core values are not culture.

To have clear concrete values strengths everything within a business yet is not the culture if they aren’t applied in everyday work. Try to vary activities that demonstrate to the teams that as a leader, you care about the values and expect them to care for them as well. If these become part of their work and lives, then it becomes part of your culture.


The benefits you offer are not your culture.

These pluses you offer are an attractive hook and excellent leadership skills, yet these don’t have to be a signature of your company nor of the culture of it. This should make your coworkers and employees proud to be part of it, but they should not define the work or the enthusiasm within because it can be mistaken like a prize, damaging the internal connection.


Many things can damage a good work environment and weaken a culture, but they’re a few things that you should never forget:


Time is gold.

Respecting lunch and personal time is vital, as well as encouraging breaks. People will work better if their mental and physical health is being looked after, as well as that respect for others’ time creates trust.


Don’t give HR all the work.

Having an excellent Human Resources team is vital for growth and development within the company, but they don’t have to do it all. As a leader, you can reinforce values and culture by being present, participating, and encouraging.


And last but not least, don’t force it. Work culture has to grow, be allowed to breathe, and be created organically by nurturing it and bringing positive actions to see results.

The best culture you cultivate to see grow and thrive with time because that means it will transcend.

Once you have it, how do you know it’s working?

A solid corporate culture achieves higher rates of productivity and reduces workplace stress. It also: 


Rises job satisfaction rate, loyalty, and morale

In a safe environment, employees enjoy their work. They have the initiative to surge new innovative ideas, have natural responsibility towards projects, and teamwork develops easier and better. 


Maintains top talents and appeals to potential ones. 

Easy like that. When a culture inside a business is healthy, people inside don’t want to leave and try to make sure of it, and within it, a reputation builds, and a good reputation attracts new talents.  


Are happy employees more efficient? 

Yes. According to a Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) study, happy employees are 20% more productive than unhappy employees.


An organized, positive environment is necessary for employees to thrive, and that’s why cultivating that kind of culture will bring benefits in the long run that can assure a successful, constantly expanding business.


A study by Harvard Business Review declared unattached (to an internal culture) workers had 37% higher dissertation and 60% more errors while working.

DNAMIC's Journey

“I’m not the spirit of this company; all of you are!” Arturo Garcia, DNAMIC’s CEO, started an employee recognition speech at a monthly meeting. He assures good communication by keeping different channels open, both serious with goal checks and reports, and others more casual, filled with humor and honesty. Everyone is invited to participate in constant activities to reinforce the teams and the values that a business wants to solidify.  

Being intentional with core values and initiatives can create a positive work culture that will inspire loyalty, productivity and lead to success.

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