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Prioritizing self-care in your business

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Self-care is key for good mental health

Work-life balance is promoted in a business by offering a good work environment and satisfactory conditions with exciting benefits. However, it also has a highly individual component that needs special attention: self-care.


In today’s world, a business can’t succeed if it hasn’t a solid culture to rely on. People are now more inclined than ever to stand by their beliefs and demand more than a paycheck from companies. They want to feel secure, have health benefits, and count on the support of their leaders, but more importantly, have their mental health respected and cared for.


Self-care is not a selfish but an act of bravery and commitment to oneself. It implies decisions and intentional actions that aim to develop skills for personal growth.

Recognizing emotions

It’s all about paying attention. Sometimes we can go through a day in automatic mode instead of taking a minute to stop, breathe and acknowledge yourself and your feelings. 


Being mindful of our emotions is difficult; no one will tell you otherwise, but practice makes perfect. Wanting to start is already a huge step towards the better.

Making changes

Ask yourself what activities would you like to incorporate into your life to enhance your work and personal time? Don’t be afraid to aim high; changes are uncomfortable but necessary to see progress.

Sleeping well

Eating healthy


Finding a hobby


Recognizing what makes us happy is essential to determinate the changes we want to make. And once these reflections are part of our habits, it’s crucial to construct a plan to implement those changes.

Redefining work

We are taught that a hard-working person prioritizes work above all, even if that means sacrificing hours of personal time. For this reason, is common for people to believe that self-care is selfish, unnecessary, or even lazy. Which its absolutely not the case. 

We need to redefine what we mean by “working person” by adding to that definition other values beyond work itself. 

These values are what make you you. The pillars of your life and what help you make decisions. Give them the importance they deserve by noticing how they affect you. This will drive you to prioritize what’s genuinely important. 

Eventually, this mindfulness can help you achieve your dream job or work environment because you will no longer accept anything less. 

The hope is that by prioritizing our well-being, we become better professionals in addition to better people.

Break old habits

It’s no secret that working long hours can damage our physical and mental health. We’re exhausted, we miss significant time with family and friends, and our work also suffers. So why do we keep doing it?


For many of us, it’s simply a matter of habit; we’ve worked for so long that became the norm. Also, that’s what they have told us to do since we are old enough to be called adults. Most of us struggle to imagine doing things any other way. But the time has come to become more creative and do whats best for us.


Self-care usually goes hand-in-hand with self-discovery, analysis, and in most cases, support from others.


You can’t reach success and personal achievement, in work especially, unless you give your mind the acknowledgment and rest it deserves.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others. It includes the ability to recognize our feelings, understand what they’re telling us, and respond in a way that is both appropriate and helpful.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

How are these circumstances affecting how I perform and engage with my job?

How are they impacting my personal life? 

What am I prioritizing? 

What am I sacrificing? 

What is getting lost?

Do I want to change?

Businesses and mental health

The balance between work and life is a personal matter. Nevertheless, it’s also social and can affect those surrounding us. 


This is why businesses must create cultures and implement rules that promote balance.

Break the taboo around mental health!

One way to do that is by openly discussing it. This can help create a more supportive environment where people feel comfortable discussing their mental health without fear of judgment (or being let go).

A trustful community.

Businesses can promote a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible working arrangements that show your care for one of the people’s more precious things: time. With flexible hours, working from home, or reduced hours for parents or carers, you encourage more time for other activities, growth, and distress.

As a result, they are more likely to be productive and happy in their jobs. Encouraged to self-care.

Work from happiness

We joke about it, we push it a side, we do our best to balance it, but stress is on the rise. It has become a characteristic of new generations. 


In today’s society, it’s not just employees who feel the pressure; employers also see the changes (and feel them). A study by The Conference Board found that 60% of employers think their workers are under more stress than they were five years ago.

What's causing all this stress?

There are many factors, but one of the most significant contributors is the ever-growing demands of modern life. We’re constantly being asked to do more with less time, which can be especially challenging in the workplace. This can lead to an unbalanced work-life that negatively impact our physical and mental health.

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, workplace stress is now the number one cause of job-related illness and burnout.


At DNAMIC, we see benefits as a sign of respect and appreciation for our employees. It shows that we care about their integral development, not just as professionals but as human beings with a life outside of work.


For example, paternity leave. This type of time off shows employees they can trust us when we say we want to see happiness in their life. And balance and security are often the base of most people’s happiness.

Walk the walk

Building trust between employer-employee is vital. And trust is created by speaking with actions. Not only say that you will cover the basics but commit to learning their necessities besides covering the basics. Go the extra mile!

The reward is seeing your business thrive with happy, engaged, talented people who swear by you.  

So don’t be afraid to dive deep. Treat mental health as a priority and build a community that is ready to grow with you!

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to start building the best with DNAMIC!

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