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Retaining talent starts with how you recruit

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It’s no secret that the tech industry is booming. Open positions for developers and project managers are plentiful. As a result, companies are competing for the best and brightest talent. However, with such a competitive market, how can you ensure that you’re retaining the top talent you’ve worked so hard to recruit? The answer lies in the recruiting process itself. 

The tech recruiting process

The LinkedIn connection, direct contact, interview, job offer, and salary negotiation. It’s all part of the recruiting process to find top talent fitting their necessities. You know the drill.

Recruiters are on the front lines of the talent wars. They’re tasked with finding the needle in the haystack, that one software developer with the perfect mix of skills, experience, and personality to fit into their company culture.

It’s a tall order, and with demand for developers on the rise, companies are under pressure to do everything they can to attract and retain talent. That means covering the basics: Offering competitive salaries, flexible work arrangements, and a stimulating work environment. But it also means it’s time to be creative in recruitment.

Many companies are now turning to methods like talent mapping, social media outreach, and developer hackathons to find the best and brightest in the field. And while these approaches may vary, they all share one goal: to identify top talent and bring them on board.

Are you an IT recruiter?

If you work in talent recruitment, odds are you’ve encountered some challenges when recruiting software developers. It’s no secret that the talent pool for developers is tight. One way to stand out from the competition is to focus on a unique candidate experience.


At its core, being an excellent recruiter means more than just finding the right person for a job–it’s about ensuring that every candidate has a positive experience. Although this can be tough to achieve, it’s definitely worthwhile.

What should your recruitment show?

A job is where you give your time, effort, and what your mind can provide. It’s not crazy to ask in return for a few things.


Many companies focus on the work culture to attract talent. A good work culture can give employees and possible collaborators a sense of belonging and purpose and assist them in feeling connected to their work. That is why it’s so important not only to flash it as great but to make it great, and that what you are offering will be shown as much as it does on paper.


Work culture is - by definition...

“… a set of shared values, purposes, attitudes, and methods that define a business. It’s how people feel about their work and where they see themselves in the company, future, and present.”

This is especially important for developers, who may work on tight deadlines and often have little interaction with other team members. A strong work culture can help them feel like they’re a part of something larger than themselves and give them a sense of satisfaction that they’re working towards a common goal.

Creating a work culture that attracts and retains talent can be tricky, but it’s worth the effort.

Some things to keep in mind include the following:

Work your culture

A strong work culture is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and communication. Make sure your team members feel valued and heard and trust their colleagues!

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Promote creativity and innovation:

Developers thrive in an environment where they can be creative and ingenious. An evident representation of encouragement for your team members to experiment and take risks is inviting and effective.



Developers often need flexible work schedules. Offer them the option to work from home or set their hours. These days the hybrid or fully remote possibility is one of the most attractive  elements for developers. It works as a recruitment hook for any business that operates this way correctly and successfully. 


Celebrate success:

Praise successes big and small, both within the company and the development community. This will show that you’re proud of your collaborator’s accomplishments and strengthen the bond you want with your developers. Seeing how you show recognition is key for a new developer’s involvement.  


You are hired!

This is the final interaction of the seductive game of a new job proposition and the start of a new journey of the possibility of growth.

Last year was a banner year for the software development industry. The worldwide pandemic spurred a wave of new initiatives and digital transformations, resulting in an even bigger surge in demand for software developers. Companies are now under pressure to do everything they can to attract and retain talent.

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As a leader or tech recruiter, first and foremost, you must ensure that product teams are made up of developers who feel creatively stimulated and intellectually challenged. Without work they feel passionate about, high-quality programmers will get bored and potentially seek opportunities elsewhere; plus, their standard of work will inevitably drop.

The worst thing for a developer to discover about a new job is that there’s little room for growth. But with the right mix of challenge, opportunity, and remuneration, businesses can create an environment where software developers want to stay and thrive.


What makes talent stay?

Many things can make talent stay in a company, but some of the most important factors include the following:


A great culture:

(As we mentioned).

Feeling valued and heard:

Developers, like any employee, want to feel like their opinions matter and that they’re heard for the company’s growth. Make sure they’re a part of the team and that their contributions are recognized.

Growth opportunities:

Personal projects enable developers to learn new skills and improve upon existing ones. Developers should see their work as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Good work/life balance:

Developers often prefer to have a more flexible work schedule. Offering the option to work from home or hybrid work can impulse their effectiveness and confidence when performing.

Fair pay:

As any, they will seek remuneration for their work. Their worth is known in the industries. You must stay caught up and cut costs in talent.

Retaining talent is an everyday effort

You need to proceed to offer quality processes and attention from start to end. When you are in the role of attracting, you are in the position of showing the talent what the long run can and will look like.

You have to show all that the business is and stands for. As recruiters, you have to ensure their work quality and experience is high.

People today look for security, balance, evolution, uniqueness, flexibility, and much more that, maybe just a few years ago, industries didn’t prioritize.

Right now, a job needs to represent happiness as well and to do so. You need to be a committed, engaged company that cares and acts. With that, the results will be as expected and even excel your expectations- passion, happiness, and loyalty mean quality and success.

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