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Start the new year with motivation, not dragged burnout

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You don’t need a new year to start new chapters of your life. You can create the life you want no matter  the date. 

So let’s fight burnout in your life!

Research indicates that taking a break is essential to avoiding burnout. However, it can be challenging to take a break when you’re feeling overwhelmed or drained. Most people continue working even when they should be on vacation, dragging that exhaustive feeling all through the holidays and when it’s time to go back to work they are already tired! 

Avoiding this awful work trend can improve your life! So let’s try!

What is burnout?

Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

 It can be caused by work, family responsibilities, or any other situation that feels like it’s constantly putting demands on you. If your daily basis is taking a toll on your mind and body, you are feeling burnout.


The fire

Burnout leads to what we know, decreased productivity, impaired decision-making, and negative moods. But it can be severe to your health, and that’s when you see yourself affected and unable to cope.


Is the feeling of being exhausted, trapped in a job with no growth options, and/or characterized by cynicism and feelings of ineffectiveness. It is also increasingly associated with depression if not treated or treated too far along.

In Deloitte’s recent burnout survey, 86% of employers confessed that they still need to focus on stress management in the workplace. Of those businesses, 49% still need plans to tackle employee well-being. However, 26% of employers say they already have a strategy to support work wellness.

Burnout culture

     Is your name in green? Are you online when you are supposed to be out?

Due to the increasing pressure of an ‘always on’ work culture, many professionals feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Deloitte’s external marketplace survey of full-time US professionals explores the drivers and impact of employee burnout. But it has also dug into the whys and hows this is happening in the US and worldwide.

According to the findings, 77 percent of respondents have dealt with employee burnout in their current job. More than half have had more than one occurrence.

Can businesses fight this wildfire?

They have to!

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Why is it happening?

Click here to see why.


But also, the following reasons:

Burnout does not discriminate:

Unmanageable stress and frustration negatively impact the quality of work. Sounds obvious, but for many, that only happens once it’s showing heavy syptoms and your productivity has dropped. Additionally, 83% of the surveyed claimed that burnout from work could hurt their relationships. 


So it is not only work and health that seem affected but much more. 

Passion is not the issue

While you may love your job, that doesn’t mean it won’t come with its fair share of stress. This shatters the preconceived notion that employees who are passionate about their work are exempt from stress or burnout.

A generational problem?

A whopping 84% of millennials have experienced burnout from their current job. Nearly half of millennials also say they’ve left a position in the past because they felt burned out, and 42% percent of all respondents can relate to that sentiment.

Are you part of this generation?

How do you know you are experiencing burnout?

The symptoms of burnout are not just being tired.

You can realize you were experiencing burnout when the guilt about taking naps during the day no longer appears, and what does seem is hives in your skin.

It also can show low energy and ongoing mental and/or physical fatigue. Examples of these can be disassociating, forgetting things easily, and procrastination, leading to anxiety.

As well as increasingly cynical attitudes toward employers. Mentions of feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Physical repercussions include gut problems, skin problems, headaches, and heart attacks.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, reaching out for help is vital before burnout takes over.

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Be the change you need

Most professionals today feel that their employers need to do more to help prevent or alleviate burnout within the workplace. For a business to create initiatives to help with burnout prevention, you need to make it relevant. Talk about it! It can become true if you communicate it to your leads, your boss, and those with you who can converse and improve your reality and future.


Staying silent never helped anyone!


And if you are someone who gets to listen, do so. Focus and promote culture change rather than simply implementing wellness programs.


A lack of support or recognition from leadership is the top driver of burnout, accounting for one in four professionals who never or rarely take all their vacation days.

Burnout is tiring, but it can get better with the proper consequences.


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The importance of PTO

Rest can mean many things; it’s not only a hammock on the beach or a spa. It can be different ways to unwind. For example:

1. Take regular breaks: Breaks are essential for resetting our minds and getting rid of the stress that builds up when working too hard. Taking a few minutes from your desk every hour or so will help you recharge and return to your work more focused and motivated.

2. Get enough sleep and movement: Lack of sleep can lead to burnout as quickly as too much work can. Sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind, so make sure you get 7-9 hours every night. And by moving daily, you can help reduce stress, boost energy levels, and improve mood.

Even a quick walk or jog can give you the extra energy to get through the day and even support better sleep.

3. Make time for yourself: Doing something that makes you happy every day is essential for avoiding burnout. Do not work! People confuse me-time with me-time-to-finish some tasks! Try to read a book, listen to a podcast, take a walk, or go for a coffee or a movie. Do something that involves an activity you love but doesn’t relate to work.


The role of motivation

When you’re feeling motivated, you’re more likely to take care of yourself and avoid working yourself into the ground.  It’s no secret that the New Year is when many people set resolutions and goals for themselves. But time passes, and most of those goals are forgotten. A way to stay motivated and in a clear path is to set monthly goals, even daily! 

It’s easier said than done, of course, but it’s not impossible. We have some hacks if you need the boost.

Set realistic goals:

We always make new goals for the upcoming year, but usually, we don’t reach them because we go a little too far. Don’t get it wrong, dreaming and aiming high are always good things, yet don’t set yourself up for failure by making lofty resolutions you cant achieve in real-time.

Instead, focus on setting quicker, more achievable goals within a time reach. Not only will it be easier to stay motivated, but you’ll also be more likely to reach them and celebrate these victories!


Find motivation in little things:

Our motivation is found through the big successes and the small victories that come with everyday life. Celebrate the little wins and appreciate them as motivation to continue throughout your journey toward achieving what you want.


Visualize success:

It’s easy to get negative thoughts, so make an effort to focus on the positive. Visualize yourself after successfully crossing the finish line and having achieved your goal. Studies show that visualizing success can help you stay motivated and push through any challenges that come to your path.


The New Year is a fresh start; with a bit of motivation, you can make it your best yet!

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